Module 5 – Your EFK Action Plan

stringfingerTHE EFK Experience is about taking responsibility for your own health journey.

Here are a few key ideas to get you on your way.

Take small steps – make your few, elected food and lifestyle changes a permanent part of your life first. Build on this once these are permanent by introducing other changes.

Take a long-term, lifestyle approach. No excuses or guilt – recognise that ups and downs are part of your everyday life.

Elevate the food choices you make from “whatever” to “what’s best”. This means being better prepared and thinking ahead to make sure you have the right food choices on hand.

Remember to be mindful and keep asking yourself those open-ended questions and coaching yourself to take ownership and responsibility.

Treat physical activity as an opportunity, not an inconvenience. All forms of physical activity will help. Find ways to move more often as this will be critical for your future success.

It’s all about balancing your PFC’s. Most of all make a commitment to ALWAYS finding ways to create sustaining balanced meals and snacks!

GO the H2O – And don’t forget to drink lots of fresh water on a regular basis.


  • Copy and paste your accumulated notes, tips and ideas, in “my Notebook” to a convenient location, to enable you write a concise action summary of the changes that you are going to make.


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