Module 2 – The EFK Way

The overall goal in this module is to help you to get an effective EFK lifestyle up and running as quickly as possible. To avoid confusion, the information is on a strictly need to know basis only.

This is a simple three step process.

STEP 1 – Attitude

You will not succeed unless you know how to approach this new lifestyle

STEP 2 – What You Need to Know

The key ideas you need to know

STEP 3 – Making the right food choices and knowing why

Some simple guidelines on how to make the right food choices in supermarkets, cafés, restaurants and any other food outlet you may encounter.

You will need to download the ‘Eat For Keeps app’ to get the full list and be able to access this while you are out and about. (Note: the Eat For Keeps app is under development and will be available soon.)


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