Module 1 – Getting your facts straight

Today there is a great deal of confusion around nutrition and health. Conflicting views can create a minefield of misinformation and confusion.

A few decades ago, there was no sign of obesity and diabetes epidemics.

A wide range of vegetables and fruit were eaten. Full-cream milk was a staple, butter was used as a spread and fatty dripping was often cooked with.

There were not a lot of low-fat options on offer at the local store. Every morning at school, pupils demolished a bottle of government-supplied full-cream milk. There was hardly a chubby person in sight in old school photos, and type 2 diabetics would have also been few and far between.

Most meals were a healthy mix of fat, protein and carbohydrate. The carbohydrate would have also been in a far more natural state than its highly processed modern counterpart.

In short, we have become badly unstuck.

The following key ideas will explain the reasons why and myth-bust some out-of-date ideas around food.

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