The EFK Experience

Congratulations on starting the program.

The EFK Experience will take you through a complete process where you can learn the basics in less than an hour.

Practice your new skills daily and you will soon be able to make the right food choices wherever you may be.

Take the course at your own pace – follow the course ‘step by step’ or choose any module.

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Introduction to the EFK experience
When it comes to food and nutrition the current ‘road code’ that most people live by is based on confusion. Imagine the chaos on the roads if there was no Road Code to follow! Our goal is to change this by providing a ‘simple guide’ to food and nutrition without all the … [ read more ]

Module Content

Module 1: Getting your facts straight

Our first step is to quickly cover some areas of nutrition which often cause confusion.

Module 2: The EFK way

The EFK way
The overall goal in this module is to help you to get an effective EFK lifestyle up and running as quickly as possible. To avoid confusion, the information is on a strictly need to know basis only. This is a simple three step process. STEP 1 – Attitude You will not succeed unless … [ read more ]

Module 3: Solving your metabolic jig saw

Solving your metabolic jig saw
This chapter is designed for people who are pre or type 2 diabetic, or weight loss resistant and with other metabolic issues. You will be able to take a look at all the different aspects of your metabolism, and create an effective nutrition and lifestyle programme. We will first tackle the … [ read more ]

Module 4: Building a mindfully active lifestyle

Building a mindfully active lifestyle
GET MOVING REGULARLY We now know that exercising 2-3 times a week, and being relatively inactive the rest of the time, does not anywhere near get the job done. Because of our sedentary lifestyle, we need to get moving regularly. The following approach outlines how you integrate movement into your day and develop … [ read more ]

Module 5: Your EFK action plan

Your EFK action plan
THE EFK Experience is about taking responsibility for your own health journey. Here are a few key ideas to get you on your way. Take small steps – make your few, elected food and lifestyle changes a permanent part of your life first. Build on this once these are permanent by introducing … [ read more ]

Module Content